Thursday, June 13, 2013

I hope I win!!! Super cute stuff here!  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Great, and The Not So Great.


BYU Football games! Oh how I just love them! Oh and my good cousin/roommate Holly. Ya.. I like her too.
I turned 21! Biggest Party of the year!! And no... I did go out and do anything TOO wild that night ;)
I got to teach Football training drills to men from Korea for work. They officially think I am awesome now. This is of them attempting to play an actual game.
On the way to a football game, we saw this lovely scene. Apparently, people still actually roast whole pigs!
My old roommate Kathryn turned 21 as well! I couldn't help but make her a cake to celebrate the day :D
It was Rex's birthday and this is the cake that Holly and I made for him. It is of this crazy character called "Waxinpoo". It is from a YouTube video that Rex just loves.

There was a fire a while ago out behind Kohl's in Orem. The entire building was up in flames. I don't think any of it really survived the fire. It was really freaky when I drove by and saw this!

My lovely car being towed away. I got into an accident that totaled my car. I am carless and totally afraid to drive again. This was the last time I saw my precious Mazda!
Here is a better view of the damage to my car... SIGH.

~I will leave it to you to decide whether or not these are great or not so great.

My awesome home teacher found out that I don't like soggy foods. I happened to mention that pastas are hard for me to eat sometimes because they can get soggy. So what did he do? He went home, grabbed his month old spaghetti and gave it to me... Well... it wasn't soggy, that is for sure.
I saw this in my art classroom. It is a "body" made completely out of tape.... Interesting right?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Life at 4am

Yes.. its 4am. Yes.. I am dang tired. Yes... I feel like crap. No... I sure can't sleep.
So while I am in misery while for some awesome reason that I can't even imagine why I am awake at this hour, you get to hear about random facts of my life and things that I have done in the past while.

Well school has started now and it is actually going quite well. My awesome cousin Holly is my roommate and I love it! We just have tons of fun! I am also super busy 100% all of the time, but hey, that's they college life right? But I am like 4 art classes with a computer science class and a religion class. They are all great though and I am having a ton of fun and learning lots in all of them! In my computer science class, I am even learning how to make my own webpage by writing my own HTML. It is really neat! Here is web address in case any of you are interesting in looking at what I am creating ( Although, I just took a look at it, and it isn't as great and decorative as what it really is.. Some of the fonts and such are not working because they are not downloaded on my computer, just the schools. So you may get the cool version, you may not. But anyways, there you go! That's what I have been up to of late. I will also get some of my art stuff posted as soon as I get it back and graded! Also... in case you all wanted to see how busy I am.. here is my current schedule, without any of my stuff outside of work and school. The red is work, orange is school, and yellow is church.
Secondly, the Academy of LDS Dentist's! Woohoo! This was a conference that I worked about a month ago that I really loved! I got to be a counselor for the youth program and hang out with the kids all day for two days straight! It was exhausting, but I absolutely loved it! I was in charge of the ages 6-11 year olds, and they just about made me wet my pants from laughter. They were hilarious! I was given the name of "COUNSELOR DIPPIN' DOTS". That's right. It was our code. So whenever I was looking for my group, I would yell "Dippin' Dots!" and they would come and find me! It worked splendidly :)
But for our activities, we went to the Hogle Zoo, a Classic Skating Rink, a playground, Seven Peaks, saw a Magician and watched a movie. Yes, it was a very intense couple of days. Crazy fun business! There were only a FEW minor problems.. and yes, they all happened within my little group of 10 kids:
1. To start off, at the very first activity of classic skating, one of my girls tripped, fell, and broke her leg. She didn't attend the rest of the activities, the poor girl. I felt soooo bad for her!
2. Next, I had the "i-like-to-run-away-and-not-tell-anyone-where-i-go" child. He is a very famous boy. Last year, before I starting working there, he left seven peaks without telling anyone where he went and fell asleep in a neighborhood nearby until someone drove around and finally found him. Well this year... he was better, but unfortunately, he still ran off a couple of times and loved to "pretend" to not listen or care what I said.
3. Then there was the boy who lost his shoes at seven peaks... I had the lovely job of telling his father what happened. That was awesome.
4. I also had the lovely group of kids who had some serious potty mouths.. Huh. How is it possible that young 6 year old boys can talk about something that is not gross and disgusting, but ultimately funny?
But even though I had some awesome moments with the kids, they were the best group at the same time! I just loved every minute (except when he ran away, lost his shoes, and broke her leg...) of it! It really was soooo much fun! I loved it when the little boys would run up to me, grab my hand, say "counselor, counselor!" and try and pull me towards something cool and exciting. I loved it when the older girls and boys would help me in anyway possible and just talk to me like I was their best friend. It was soo cool :)

This is my little group of "Dippin' Dots!", minus Maddie, who broke her leg. But going from left to right there is Josh, Bradley, Briana, Jordan, Maren, Hannah, Joseph, Andrue, and Parker. I love these kids!

This was the magician who we saw. Great guy, and stinkin hilarious!

Dippin' Dots at the Zoo. They loved the dinosaurs that sprayed water on you! Practically more than the animals.

My little 6 year old Joseph. Isn't he cute in that little turtle shell?!

The incredible elephants that the kids didn't really pay attention too. That's baby Zuri!

Well that's all for now! I am going to try and sleep again.. hopefully I can get two hours of sleep tonight...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Festivities

Look at what I did this summer! It has been crazy busy! I feel like I haven't even had time to think! Funny how actually having a social life seems to keep me away from sleep, blogging, and even playing my games (which NEVER happens). But either way, it has been fantastic! But here is what I have been up to:

~I finished up all of my cak decorating classes and it was awesome! I had so much fun doing it! I still may not be that great at it, but I just love decorating cakes! It is just such a fun hobby that relaxes me. I don't have to think to put frosting on a cake ;) Here are just some throughout the summer that I created.

This ones my favorite! It was my second time using fondant and I just love it!! :D

~My ward this summer has been a blast! I have loved every minute of it! There have been games and fun every night. I just LOVE the no sleep I am getting!

Boating with the ward

There are two things that my ward is obsessed with. Ultimate Frisbee and Tie-dye.

My dear friend Kevin Jenson decided to play dominoes..

Hanging out on a rooftop concert featuring all the Beatles songs!

Chillin out at Sonic after a victory in ultimate!

~I got into my first car wreck this summer... Yes, I was being dumb and looked down at map directions and didn't notice someone stop in front of me and rear-ended them. Yes, the man left me standing by the car in the middle of the road. Yes... it was the company car.

~Sometimes I need a breather from working on my computer at work.. So I draw on sticky notes with sharpies! Woot!

~I get really bored.. and I am obsessed with tattoos. Don't fret though.. they are temporary. Mostly.

(this one was glow in the dark!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Day With The Kids

Today, I went over to Maren's elementary school to help her with her class and their activity day. It was super fun and I even got a little sun! The kids for their activities all got to play "Minute to Win It" games. My job was to help with the 'Flip the Lid' game, where you have a paper cup on the edge of a table and you have to flip it up and onto a bottle of water. It was HILARIOUS watching the kids attempt that. Only three of the 40 kids who did it actually got it on the bottle! So kudos to you kids.. Kudos.
But I realized today that I am pretty awesome. Maren's students thought I was cool and a good majority of them even wanted me to sign their yearbook, even though they had only known me for a good two hours. I guess it just makes it official that I am awesome.
But anyways, the kids were stinkin funny! I just wanted to share of few of the things that they told me... and all this happened within the three hours I was at their school today:

"Are you Mrs. Williams' sister? You two look exactly alike!"

"Are you sure you are younger than Mrs. Williams? I think you look older than her."

"Have you met our class pet? The hamster? He likes to poo on the slide."

"Your drawings aren't bad. You rock."

**Scared look on faces** -"Oh!! Oh, I thought you were Mrs. Williams."

"Are you Mrs. Williams' sister? She is looking for you. You better hurry, she might start yelling."

"You are nice. You should be a teacher." (HAH)

"You and Mrs. Williams are just so pretty."

These were the lovely things I heard today that just sure made it great!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Evolution of Cakes

Recently, I started a cake decorating class, and now I am bound and determined to make great cakes!! I have recently also discovered that I like to be artistic.. though I don't think I manage well yet! But here are some pictures of my first decorating techniques!

Here are some cookies, most of which I have no idea what they are..

This was a cake for a coworker.

This was also a cake for a coworker, although it was supposed to be an "a", it turned out to look like a goldfish.

Now this next cake is my most recent cake that I made for my class, and I don't care what you all think, but I just love it!! I have this obsession with trees right now, and I just love the way it turned out in the end! It took everything I had to cut it to actually eat it!

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Boss Rob, Also Known as Adam.

At my work today, I was making some phone calls for my boss Rob. I got through most of them when I approached the name Adam. I dialed his number, it rang a few times, and someone answered the phone and said:

"Hey this is Rob."

Me- "Hi is this Adam?" (In my defense, I didn't understand what he said...)

"No, this is Rob."

Me- "Oh.. well hi Rob!" (Voice sounding familiar, but still unsure)

"Would you like me to find Adam?" (convinced its not him anymore)

Me- "That would be great, thanks."

"I will go look around for him."

My boss Rob walks into the room, talking on his cell phone, looking for Adam.

Turns out, I called my boss instead and Rob likes to play jokes on people. Today, it was perfect cause I set it up completely for him. Either way, I about busted my gut laughing today.